Creating Service Magic

(Grand Hotel Santa Lucia - Napoli)


For the past 5 years; I have been conducting the “Creating Service Magic” seminars for our Les Clefs d’Or colleagues and concierge communities at large.  I believe so far I have conducted approximately 40 seminars in more than 30 countries worldwide.   Each one has been quite special and full of passion and energy and I have been truly honoured to be able to do this and offer this as a Gift to Le Chiavi d’Oro Campania and our Concierge profession worldwide.   The feedback and response has been consistently overwhelming and positive. 

I believe the Seminar helps all of us a great deal in many ways:  It is a an opportunity for us to step away from our hotel lobby and truly think and refresh ourselves about the actual service that we deliver each day to our guests and colleagues, to inspire and increase the awareness of our beloved Les Clefs d’Or (Le Chiavi d’Oro) and all that it symbolizes and represents, to educate our new members as well as those who are not yet members who represent our future growth and development.   In a world in which we are somewhat overwhelmed and bombarded by technology, concierge Apps and modern theories “Creating Service Magic” brings us back to the basics and refreshes our professional standards.

In every Seminar I begin with a theory that we have a very special “Gift” and this gift that we have is what in fact creates the service magic for our guests and colleagues; it is also important to note that the seminar helps us to manage this very special “Gift” that we have to ensure a very High Touch experience for all guests and guest interaction.   In Italia and especially in the Campania Region we have another Gift; a very special Gift that the land around us has given to us; a natural beauty which for centuries has inspired famous Writers, Composers, Artists, Films etc.   This Neapolitan Gift adds to our passion, energy and inspiration to create this very special High Touch Service Magic experience for all guests.  The Neapolitan Gift is widespread throughout the Campania Region and allows for an extra smile, a love, a warm embrace for all who visit. 

My dear brothers and  sisters of Chiavi d’Oro Campania; never before I have been truly honoured and touched by your Neapolitan Gift.  The land of my parents, family, heritage, and ancestors touched me throughout my visit and especially during all three Seminars in Napoli, Capri and Ravello; I felt a special presence similar to the historic writers poets, artists and musicians who also came to this land to find beauty, energy and inspiration.

I applaud you for taking the initiative to organize these important seminars: Napoli, Capri and Ravello and to recognize the importance of training, development and education especially for the benefit and future of our concierge profession and Les Clefs d’Or. 

We will be friends forever and I will look forward to my return always “In Service Through Friendship Always”

Michael Romei

Les Clefs d’Or USA Ltd

Honorary Member UICH Les Clefs d’Or International “Creating Service Magic” and “About Les Clefs d’Or Concierge Seminar"